Electric Bikes For Sale

Looking to buy an eBike? You can try ours by renting before you buy and receive a refund upon purchase.  

Ready Set Go!

Every electric bike from Country Hire and Go is made to order and ready to ride "out of the box". Warranty is fully supported through us and our UK based suppliers.

Pedal Power

All of our 250w eBikes have a range of 25-60 miles and can reach speeds of 15mph. Our eBikes are equipped with a Pedal Assist System (PAS) so you can fly uphill with ease.

eBikes For Sale

We have great choice of electric bikes for sale, sourced from passionate UK manufacturers. Each of the handpicked companies know their bikes inside and out and can provide support and spare parts quickly. All ebikes are UK road legal.

Super Monkey eBike Accessories

The Synch Super Monkey Bike is the most popular ebike for sale and rent. Its striking retro style and robust design make it the number once choice for urban and country explorers. The fat tyres can handle off-road terrain with ease. Kit out your Super Monkey with these great accessories. 


Our vouchers make great gifts for eager explorers. Have a look at them below or contact us for special requests. 

Try Before You Buy

Try any of our electric bikes before committing to buying one.
We’re so confident you’ll want one, we’ll even refund the rental cost.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you, so if you have any questions about our electric bikes, trips or private hire services then please use the links below or fill out the form. 

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