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Find out more about Country Hire and Go and what we get up to!

We connect people with local communities by developing sustainable travel for pleasure, business or for life's basic needs.

About Country Hire and Go

Electric Bikes

We have a range of electric bikes for rent or purchase as well as exciting urban and country trips or tours!

Private Hire

Choose Country Hire and Go for the most reliable and welcoming taxi service on the Kent and Surrey border. We're suit, muddy boot and dog friendly.

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How it all Started

Founded in the summer of 2019, Country Hire and Go Ltd is a local business based in rural West Kent on the borders of Surrey and Sussex. We value the enormous benefits offered by rural communities, but for many these can become inaccessible. We take a real interest in reducing emissions and support efforts to keep our countryside open to the public and do our best to collaborate with and support local businesses and services in the tourist, leisure and hospitality industry.

Integrated Services

Living in rural areas often leave residents and visitors struggling to get too and from the station, a lunch or dinner date or to attend an appointment of meeting. Just getting from A to B can be difficult, expensive and frustrating! Our licensed private hire service is designed around the needs of all our customers, whether your journey is short or long, from sunset to sunrise (subject to availability).

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On Your eBike

Our electric bike hire offers a fun filled adventure activity that will put a smile on your face. Delivered and collected to your location of choice you can integrate all our services for a car free day, or use them independently. We aim to help you maximise your ride to explore the countryside. Our Fat Tyre eBikes are perfect for touring around Kent, Surrey & Sussex.

Buy An eBike

Our Super Monkey retro style Fat Tyre eBike remains a first for the South East and is beautifully crafted in the UK. With a range between 25-40 miles on a single charge, this electric bike is a fantastic way to get out and about and is guaranteed to turn heads. We have plenty of other awesome electric bikes to purchase.

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Need a Lift?

We operate a licensed private hire car to provide a personalised and pleasurable door to door service. We are available 24 hours a day for local and long distance journeys, airport transfers and event transportation from the Kent, Surrey border. We also have female drivers upon request. Your safety and comfort is our highest concern.

What is an eBike?

Generally speaking an eBike is a battery powered bicycle that utilises pedal assist technology through a motor positioned in the centre or rear for an easier and fun way to cycle across all types of terrain.

Who can hire an electric bike?

The legal age limit is 15 to ride an eBike in a public place, including the road. Child seats can be used in the same way as non motorised cycles. We apply discretion for customers between the ages of 15 and 18 and may stipulate the need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 20.

Do you deliver the rented eBikes?

We deliver and collect your bikes for Free up to 20miles from our HQ. Anything over 20miles is charged at £1.50 extra per mile.

Can I buy an eBike?

You can purchase any of the electric bikes available to rent from Country Hire and Go and supplied by Batribike, Synch and Oxygen. We also offer a try before you buy service and can, upon request, order in other models produced by our current suppliers.

What's included in the electric bike hire?

We will supply you with helmets, bike locks, device mounts and route mapping (optional). If you want to take the bikes on holiday with you, we can also supply a bike rack. This requires a tow bar, 13 to 17 pin.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us about our eBikes and tours or to book a taxi. Please use the links below or fill out the form.


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