Rural River and War time charm e-bike Tour


What’s included?

A Full Day – 4-6 Hours

Digital Tour pack including cycle route plan.
Get behind the bars and enjoy a full day on our pedal assisted ebike.
The days usually last between 4 and 6 hours (unless stated)
This is a private tour, self guided by you and your group.
Time will be allocated for lunch on your tour at one of our recommended local pubs (please check in advance when booking your date for availability)
Entrance to The Shoreham Aircraft Museum included, subject to site opening times
Safety equipment included.
ebikes can be delivered and collected at various locations.


Rural River & War Time Tours operate all year round with varying seasonal qualities.
ebike Tour dates are subject to availability.
Most of our tours are subject to weather conditions, however all tour dates can be amended in the event of severe weather conditions.

Suitable for

All of our ebikes are pedal assisted and therefore suitable for all athletic types.
A basic fitness level required.
Minimum age of 16
No Driving License required
Minimum of 1 persons
Maximum of 6 persons

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What can I expect?

The Rural River and War Time Charm Tour is perfect for those looking to explore the area of Shoreham. A fine example of a quintessential village, Shoreham is a delightful place with four great pubs, vineyard, Battle of Britain museum, river walk and houses from down the centuries. Settled in the Iron Age, this quaint village played an important role during WWII due to its location. The most bombed parish in the United Kingdom during the Second World War this village possessed many manors that were requisitioned by the army and used as bases for military operations.

September 15th 1940, The Battle of Britain brought the village of Shoreham directly into war. A force of about 100 German bombers approaching London, was shot down. The invading formation had been challenged by nine RAF squadrons and the battle developed into a series of dogfights. Spitfire’s circling overhead, the war had arrived.

This circular route we have created will take you through the village of Shoreham, located at the bottom of a hill by the River Darent and to the Aicraft Museum. The name Darent means “clean water” as the water flows on a bed of chalk. The River Darent takes its source in Westerham, Kent, and flows all the way to Dartford where it joins the River Thames. Tucked away from the main road, is The Aircraft Museum. Run by local enthusiasts, the museum is largely funded by proceeds made by visitors whose donations contribute to the recovery and preservation of the artefacts found from the local area during the war. It’s a great village to explore by e-bike, explore the ancient church and paths that skirt the northern side, around the back of the vineyard. Immerse yourself in history, greet local people as you cycle by and feel all the benefits of getting active and being out in the fresh air.

If you’re worried you might not keep up with the group due to fitness or injury or simply want to enjoy a more relaxed holiday, our Electric bikes have a battery and a small motor that makes pedalling much easier than on a standard bike, especially while ascending a hill or riding into a strong headwind, you can cruise along and enjoy all of the benefits with less effort. It’s possible to turn the power assistance up and down to suit your needs, and you will still get a workout. E-bikes are great for couples or friends who want to cycle together but are of different abilities. Or perhaps you’re travelling solo and want to challenge yourself to a more demanding route with the back-up of electric power.

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Please note all Tours are subject to availability.

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